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union representing the striking teachers in chicago set to vote on the contract today. how a local group is showing support. details emerge on the arrest of a paramedic. what police claim happen when the emt went out on a call. what a discovery, a treasure trove, while preparing to sell a dead man's home. we have a lot going on. it's tuesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle alongside loren cook with a look at the
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traffic. hopefully the rain will not stay for long. >> it started overnight. we have it th morning. a few breaks to the south you get. we are going to see another round pushing in to the afternoon. severe weather, too. look at what is going on on maryland's most powerful radar. to the south, that's where you are getting a break right now. we are looking at maryland's most powerful radar, we can see what is going on, zooming in to spots, along i-70, it's going to be a wet commute. heavy down pours across the area now. meyersville, frederick, we slide towards manchester, westminster, bel air, northeast on heavier rain, you can see that to the north of northeast, heading across the pennsylvania maryland line, the scenario as we head through the remainder of the morning time frame. temperatures now, we are quite mild this morning, we are in the upper to mid-60s.
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now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. it's going to be a pretty hectic commute. the rain is coming down hard along 70 in howard county and harford county. if you are traveling in east baltimore, something other than rain to deal with, the sink hole, repairs continue. east monument shut down between wolf street and patterson, stick with orleans instead. no delays if you are using the jfx. live look outside, this rainy tuesday morning, 95 here at 43 rs white marsh, everything will be up to speed, 15 minutes all the way to downtown. here is what the beltway looks like at parkville, roads going to be wet. be careful as you head out. no delays from parkville up through towson. chicago teachers strike going on after both sides are
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headed to a resolution. rob emmanuel is appealing to end the strike. sherrie johnson is live this morning with what is happening in our area. >> reporter: later this afternoon, a group of activists will be here at the corner of coal spring leap and falls road in north baltimore in front of western high school, they want to come together for a picket line and then they will have a news conference afterwards. they want to show support for the chicago teachers that are on strike because they are defying big business in their mayor. they want to show support for those making sacrifices for teachers, workers and communities everywhere. a chicago judge scheduled a hearing on a injunction to end the strike for wednesday at 10:30 a.m. the city attorneys filed a brief saying the strike is
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illegal. by the time the judge hears the case -- they may have ended the strike. >> they need to be in classes. we are losing ground. >> please go back to work. >> it was simple. they need time to go back to their members and think about what this represents. we have gone without pay for five days. that's an important decision, that wasn't made lightly. when they come back they want to do it with a clear conscience. >> reporter: once again, a numb of activists will be out here in north baltimore, 3:30, with the picket line and a news conference afterwards. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. 9 people are dead after a suicide bomber rammed a car packed with explosives in to a mini bus in afghanistan. the victims are believed to have been with a foreign avenuuation workers headed to
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the airport. the blast so powerful that the bus was huddled 60 -- hurdled 60 years. the outrage over the film, most likely, not going be going down any time soon. in lebanon, the leader of the country's powerful heads heads ba la groups he said the united states must ban the movie and remove it from the internet and called on followerrers to keep the pruup. it's not clear if acts of vandalisms at two mosques in virginia are affected. cars were vandalized. the islamic center were also targeted. the fbi investigators say the
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buildings were spray painted. deafs in oklahoma are hoping to talk to a grandson of an elderly couple found dead in their pikesville home. matthew long is a suspect in the murders. the two were found dead last week. long is in the hospital after he overdosed at a oklahoma hotel room. when police took him to the emergency room his name came up as a person of interest. a police report is giving details behind the arrest of a baltimore pay medic. shawn white, slapped a drunk woman while she was on a stretcher. the victim was not combative. white lifted her by her neck and smashed her body to the headrest of a stretcher. the president of the firefighters union believes that the level of patient care was not as good as it should
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be. shawn white should not have been arrested. >> a lot of them get belligerent, arrogant trying to instruct the person, the paramedic how to do his job. >> white is charged with two counts of second degree assault. the incidents were caught on video and reported by one of white's colleagues. ten people had to be removed from a boat in the chesapeake bay. officers felt no one was sober enough to drive the boat. police got a call about a boat taking on water, the boat hit a rock. i didn't have damage. the drive and all nine passengers on board appeared to be drunk. they were taken to sandy point beach. the drive is charged with operating while intoxicated. you should tell your kids about the dangers of playing with fire. investigators say that a 4 year old was playing with a lighter
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and their home caught on fire. everyone inside made it out safely put the home suffered thousands of dollars worth of damage. >> we want them to keep them out of reach of the children. store them in a place they are not at eye level or in plain sight of the children. >> thanks to the red cross the family has a temporary place to stay while their home gets fixed up. mosquito spraying postponed for tonight in pikesville due to the weather. it's going to be rescheduled for monday, september 24th, there will be one on monday, october 1st, both will happen around 7:30 in the evening. officials do plan on spraying catonsville tomorrow, weather permitting. is the weather going to cooperate? looks like it's going to be foggy. >> a soggy day. tomorrow will be improvedded. this is what we are working with. see the southeast up to the
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northeast, getting in on rainfall and heavy at times. this is going to be the scenario throughout the day. zooming in closer to home. the bulk of the rain in to the north and the west. also we have lots of moisture around this morning, the dew points , the measure of the moisture in the air in the upper 60s once again, around culpepper in on that as well. humid this morning and dealing with a little bit of fog out there. be careful as you head out and about. the animal count at the zoo in washington dc, just got higher, female panda gave birth to a 4-ounce baby. zookeepers don't know the sex. they are letting the mom and cub bond. the question is always, what are they going to name it? >> we follow the chinese tradition of waiting for 100 days. our plan is to let the people in washington help us name the
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cub. >> mom probably won't emerge for a week while she cares for her cub, not even food or water. she has had false pregnancies over the years. stay with us, we have seen injuries from athletes, especially football games. this morning , the mission the ravens are on to help players stay safe on the field. also ahead this morning, he only had $200 when he died, you won't believe the treasure trove that was found while cleaning up one man's house. the rain is coming down hard in harford county and 95, route 152, i will let you know how this weather will affect your commute coming up. a live look in new york city. times square, great way to start the day. stay with us. anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life.
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but it isn't always easy to a vote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs. two thousand construction jobs to build a new resort casino. four thousand permanent jobs, paying... on average fifty five thousand a year. six thousand jobs from increased tourism... and table games like blackjack and poker. add it up: it's twelve thousand new maryland jobs. but to build it you have to vote for it. vote for question seven. and get maryland back to work.
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a 16-foot python back home after being gone for fife months. look at this, the female alibi albino python disappeared from the park in texas in april. children saw the large snake on a highways they called the sheriff's department. the owner of the park came out and identified the snake as banana, she is back in the park this morning. ohio restaurant getting quite a buzz this morning because of the new talent they hired. intercontinental brought in 60,000 bees in hopes of harvesting their own fresh honey and installed a beehive to house the workers. >> we did this to produce honey for the drink specials. we partnered with the greater
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cleveland beekeeper association with the goal of producing 30- 50 pounds of honey per year as part of the sustainability efforts we have been doing. >> customers will have to wait before they can get a taste of the sweet stuff. that's because it is going to take a year for it to become operational. a unusual find in a home of a man who died in nevada. walter kept all of his trues hidden in his home. the 69 year old died from heart problems. his house was put up for sale. realtors found boxes of gold coins, stocks worth $165,000, $12,000 in cash. the weight of gold alone, wort at least $7 million. all of that money is being kept in a secure location until some of his relatives are found. $7million in gold coins. this guy had 200 bucks in his
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bank account. incredible. >> he was a hoarder. he had cases and cases of tuna fish. it must have been interesting. >> i wish i could find gold coins. i'm house hunting now. $7million, oh my goodness. no pot of gold with the weather. we will come out on the other side of things tomorrow. we need rainfall. no complaints, we had last weekend. all last week. we will take this. let's see what is going on wright now. we look at the satellite and radar, lots of clouds, tremendous rainfall, falling now. this is what is going on as we head throughout the day. lots of rain back towards the west, pennsylvania, the whole entire state getting in on the wet weather this morning, the heavier rain down back in to west virginia, see the moderate rain in the yellows and the oranges there. we will get in on that through the rest of the afternoon. now, temperatures coming in, in the upper 60s to 70s.
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annapolis and chesapeake beach and centerville and federalsburg, 71 degrees , the clouds are acting as a blanket. temperatures haven't fell off that much. the wind speed, a big story, another reason why the temperatures are up, we are from the south and east, that's a warmer wind. we look at the surface, we have the cold front that's going to move through behind that, breezy, dry, much cooler, tropical storm nadine holding tough. 60 miles an hour sustained winds, not going to be affecting the u.s. whatsoever, which is a good thing. now, we look at what is going won the future trend, see the wet weather working in here, our commute to work is going to be rough and our commute home is going to be rough. a chance for weather to roll in through the afternoon. the temperature, coming in around 78 degrees, some of the storms could be strong to severe. now a check of the traffic with loren cook. good morning, no relief in sights it's going to rain all day long for a very, very rough
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commute. do leave yourself extra time. in east baltimore, we are dealing with repairs to is sink hole. monument shutdown between patterson park and wolf street. stick with orleans as the alternate route. everything will be up to speed through the fort mc henry tunnel and the harbor tunnel. if you are using 695, as we look outside at the west side, wilkins avenue, no problems to report, the rain coming down and the rain is coming down hard right now, along interstate 70, here is a live look at that, at 695, you will want to really leaf yourself extra time if you are traveling in the area. be careful as you head to work. five things you need to know, convicted child sex abuser, jerry sandusky will be sentenced october 9th. found guilty on 45 counts of sexual abuse involving ten boys
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while working at penn state university. experts say he will likely be sentenced life in prison. the suspect in the shooting of a family research council in dc is scheduled to be court. he faces assault charge and handgun charges. the ravens are helping kick off a concussion awareness and prevention campaign starting today. psa is going to be unveiled and features line backer mac mcclain and features the head r doctor. space shuttle endeavour doesn't want to leave home. the trip to california from new york has been postponed again because of weather. nasa hoping to send it off tomorrow morning. endeavor will go on display at the california science center. mitt romney and anna nicole ann romney will be on live with kelly this morning. they brought up topics from the campaigns to the jersey shore.
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all right, if you were hoping to preorder your iphone 5, you are out of luck, the company sold out in 24 hours, they are safing the rest for the stores. 2million people preordered the smart phone. it goes on sale this friday and already there are lines forming in places like new york city. the phone is expected to be sold out by sunday, most of the 2 million preorders will be delivered friday. more younger americans are steering clear of new car lots, the number of 18-34 year olds purchasing new cars dropped by 13% over five years. some are pointing the finger at the economy saying young people aren't finding jobs and don't have the money to spend it on a new car. others say they are saving money on used cars. some are living in hurt ban
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areas and swap -- urban areas and swapping a car for a bus pass. mcdonald's is not going to roll out the popular pork sandwich next month as it has done in the past. a memo obtained by ad age says it will be on the menu in time for the holidays. the memo says the late release is a effort at drumming up at the end of the year sales surge. cancer can strike anyone at any time and be absolutely devastating when it affect as child. we have a story of a local family and how they managed to beat the odds when cancer struck one of their own. there were so many different types of car thieves thieves. choose the right car for your child and help keep them safe at the same time. we'll be right back.
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few thank you. the four words that no parent ever wants to hear. your child has cancer. they didn't back down when their child was diagnosed and beat the odds. sports is his game, conner is his name. this 12 year old wears his ravens shirt with pride. >> my favorite part, gym, because you get all the thinking out. >> reporter: he wasn't thinking about running back when he was all of 3 years old. >> this is conner right about before he was diagnosed before he started steroids and chemotherapy. this is a picture of him a few months later. >> reporter: month after month, day after day, second after seconds, his and his mom's world were turned upside down. leukemia does that. >> one person had to quit their job to take care of conner because he wasn't able to go
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today care or go anywhere. he was in the hospital all the time. that was big change. a lot of hard times financially as well as emotionally. >> reporter: whether 3 or 33, this cancer takes in all ages, melonie noticed something was not right and called her doctor, they ran tests and the result were -- >> i think you have leukemia. i was floored. i didn't know what to say. >> reporter: after rounds of treatment -- >> that put me in remission and luckily the timing was perfect, i went in, in october and had a bone marrow transplant. people used to say i don't know how you do it. i used to say to them, you are given app choice you just do it, it's your son. >> reporter: two survivors sharing a story with a

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